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  • What if I need to reschedule?
    You will receive a reminder text on your mobile phone 48 hours prior to your appointment. Your membership allows two appointment reschedule requests per year. As soon as you know you're unable to keep your appointment, please text your groomer and let her know you'd like to reschedule. Although it's important to try and keep your original day and time, we understand that emergencies and circumstances beyond your control can arise. However due to abuse, we cannot allow ongoing reschedule requests.
  • Can I change Tiers during the year if I or the groomer decides to decrease/increase the interval between grooms?
    Yes, you can change Tiers one time during the calendar year. Your appointments will be recalculated and scheduled provided enough availability is open on the calendar. Contact your groomer for more information.
  • What happens with my membership obligation should she pass over the Rainbow Bridge before the end of my subscription?
    We appreciate that you've placed your precious senior cat in our care to limit her discomfort and stress during her final years. It's always a loss for us as well to lose a senior due to the bond developed during your cat's grooming sessions. During this difficult time, rest assured your contractual obligation would be immediately suspended upon your notification. The same would apply due to a medical/health reason, or accidental death of the animal.
  • I have 2-3 cats. Can they share a grooming plan?
    Grooming packages are designed to meet the needs of each individual cat. Pricing is for each pet you want to have groomed. They cannot share a plan and there are no discounts for multiple cats.
  • Can I receive a third or subsequent reschedule request due to hurricane or other natural disaster?
    Yes of course! We do live in Florida obviously and this will be applicable at one time or another. Your groomer will contact all clients affected should weather conditions be dangerous for driving.
  • How do I pay for my appointments?
    Each pre-booked appointment is payable 30 days in advance that will automatically be charged to the client's securely-stored credit card. An exception to this is the client's first scheduled appointment. That payment is due at the time of service by cash, check or credit card.
  • My cat can be aggressive or is shy to the point of extreme anti-social behavior. But I really need my cat to be groomed and don't want an expensive trip to the vet for twilight grooms. Can you still help me?
    The short answer is yes! Ruff2Ritz Grooming has 9 years of grooming experience for all temperaments. These circumstances would definitely require acquiring Gabapentin (a mild sedative) from your cat's vet. Your groomer does NOT administer drugs of any kind. The pet owner would be responsible for giving the Gab to the cat at least 90 minutes ahead of your appointment time. If you have additional questions please contact your groomer for more info.
  • What happens when the van arrives at my home?
    When your driver is on the way, you will receive an "on-the-way" text on your mobile phone. When the van arrives, your groomer will need a few minutes for set up. You can pre-arrange to have the groomer come to your door to retrieve your cat, or you may greet the groomer at the van. Always use a cat carrier for safety. Just knock on the sliding door to alert your groomer.
  • Why is cat grooming so expensive?
    The risk of a possible serious injury caused by a cat is a huge factor in price setting for any grooming business that deals with cats. Cats also have very thin skin, and can be damaged easily. Specialized training and acquired skills are necessary to groom your pet quickly and safely. Cats are really sensitive and sometimes have undiagnosed medical issues that can make grooming dangerous, especially in the case of heart issues. If a cat gets too stressed out, they can actually have a heart attack during the groom. It is essential that your groomer knows what signs of stress to look out for; when to end the groom, give the cat a rest, or if necessary, administer first aid or CPR.
  • Are there any extra charges that would apply to my cat's appointment?
    If grooming time exceeds 90 minutes (per cat), an added $30 charge will be added to your bill. The majority of cats can be completed in a 60-90 minute window. Exceptions might include a very large breed (such as pure bred Maine Coon), excessive matting on a senior and/or disagreeable temperament.
  • My cat has never been bathed before. Can I skip the bath?
    Your groomer is experienced and trained to properly bathe and handle your cat in the tub. Most cats do very well with their first bath. It's important to degrease the cat before any final grooming can be completed. Not doing so hinders solving the problems your cat is experiencing. Pricing is all-inclusive and non-negotiable.
  • How often should my cat be groomed?
    Cats are very oily and can shed continually, and long-haired coats are more prone to matting. The ideal frequency is 4-8 weeks. Frequent repetition helps keep your cat well-adjusted and relaxed during the grooming process, and decreases time spent in the van.
  • Do I tip my groomer?
    Consider tipping your groomer as you would when you get your hair or nails done. Gratuity is very much appreciated. After all, you’re putting trust into the hands of a pet-grooming stylist to care for someone you love. ;)
  • Can I stay in the van with my cat during its grooming session?
    99% of the time its most desirable to groom your cat without its owner present. Its focus is not distracted and it's safer and more efficient when it's just your cat and her groomer. The exception might be a very phobic cat that hasn't been administered gabapentin by your vet ahead of its appointment...and seems to be better soothed with your presence. Liability insurance carried by the business owner does not cover accidental injury to the pet parent - only to the cat.
  • Although your membership program would save me money, I'm a snowbird and only in the area 6 months out of the year. Can you still groom my cat?
    Absolutely! We have non-member pricing for those who are either not full time residents, or just want to try out our grooming services before making the commitment.
  • I understand the need to groom my long-haired cat, but does my short-haired need your services?
    Absolutely! We groom many short-haired breeds. Regular bathing decreases shedding, helps to manage hairballs, helps humans in the household with their dander allergies and makes your cat soft and smelling heavenly again. Senior cats can get matted with their overly oiled hair due to their diminished desire to self-groom.
  • What grooming tools can I use to groom my cat at home?
    Long-haired and medium length cats only need 2 items: a long-handled metal flea comb for face and lower legs, and a metal comb a minimum of 7.5" long for body and tail. If you want to, you can get use out of a pin brush to use mainly on the tail, due to it being a gentle de-tangler. Short-haired cats can get away with just a slicker brush on the body and a metal comb. Grooming gloves only remove surface dust, dander and shedding hair. You'll need to reach all the way down to the skin, which those are not meant to do. When grooming your cat, remember to reach all of the hidden areas like arm pits, belly and under-tail areas, as well as down the legs and the point of the hips. Mats tend to occur in those sensitive areas that you may miss during grooming because of her/his short attention span. If your cat does not enjoy being groomed, doing it in a small enclosed space like bathroom, laundry room or enclosed patio can reduce anxiety.
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