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Miss Tracy has a special connection with cats. She has the natural ability to communicate with them, and her priority is to promote the physical and emotional health of the cats she grooms, as well as to educate her human clients.

Early on Tracy had always had a soft heart for animals, enticing her parents to own just about every kind of pet you could think of.   From goldfish to hermit crabs, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, cats and dogs, she was always caring for and learning about each and every one of them.


Tracy Schulze

Born and raised in California and a 24 yr resident of Florida, Tracy now lives in Saint Petersburg with her 2 cats Tahini and Cheetoh!





Your groomer is Feline CPR & First Aid Certified by:

American Red Cross - Orlando FL 2013
PetTech® - Atlanta GA 2015
Pet Emergency Education - Brandon FL 2022


NCGI (National Cat Groomers Institute) - 2019 to present

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Owner Tracy Schulze

After high school her pets grew in size to include goats and horses, so from then on her household always seemed more farm-like than not.  Her four boys were raised to respect and show kindness to not only the family pets, but also the occasional foster.  She was a constant "nuisance" to political figures writing letters and making phone calls on behalf of various animal welfare and wildlife protection organizations. Tracy's passion and love for catering to the well-being of her pets finally found its home after being laid off from her Graphic Design career. She enrolled in and graduated from the Institute of Technical Arts in Florida in 2014, where she studied the art of professional pet styling and completed the 900 hour course with honors! She honed her techniques through mentors while grooming both in mobile salons at client's homes, as well brick and mortar establishments. Shortly thereafter she established Ruff2Ritz Grooming and began seeing clients out of her converted garage in Port Orange, FL. After relocating from the Florida east coast, Tracy has taken her business mobile, achieving ongoing success serving her feline clients. To stay current with latest grooming fashions and trends, as well as improving skills and expertise, Tracy attends seminars, workshops and tradeshows seasonally.

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