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Not sure you want to commit to a recurring schedule?  Give our services a test run!

Although the most savings is to join our pre-booked yearly appointment membership program, we understand there are circumstances that arise that make it impractical:


  • You may want to do your due diligence and ensure mobile grooming is something that makes sense for your cat, your budget and your commitments

  • You may be moving soon, or are a Florida snowbird

  • You're rehoming your pet, or have just acquired one from a rescue

  • You're just requiring a clean-up due to a recent messy situation


Whatever the reason, we're here to help.  





Long-haired  $200

Short-haired $150

Includes Bath, Nails, Ears, Blow-dry, De-shed

Haircut  Included

(Lion Cut / Teddy Bear / Silhouette)

The purpose of bathing a cat is degreasing hair, removing dirt and grime and getting rid of dead undercoat and tangles.  Products used on your cat are specially formulated with natural ingredients and hypoallergenic, including pesticide-free flea treatments.  A feline friendly cologne is spritzed lightly on the body and tail after drying.  Clients are free to request the omission of this if they have sensitivities...just let your groomer know in advance.  

Free bath add ons: 
Toe Tuft Trim / Sanitary Trim / Belly Trim

Flea baths are $10 extra.  It's important to let your groomer know if you suspect a flea infestation.  Keeping fleas out of the mobile grooming salon is the most ideal situation to prevent cross-contamination.

If grooming time exceeds 90 minutes (each cat), it's an additional $30.  Most cats take between 60-90 mins.  unless a very large breed, has excessive matting and/or disagreeable temperament.

Toe tuft trim
Belly and sanitary trim

The silhouette haircut consists of a toned down version of the teddy bear.  The difference is the hair is left longer on the body, with the outer edges tapered close to the body contour.
*Requires a belly shave, included in price


The teddy bear haircut consists of a clipped comb cut on the body.  The head can be left round or like a lion's mane.  The tail can be clipped with the comb, or left full and fluffy.  Can only be done on a mat-free coat.
Requires a belly shave, included in price


The lion cut haircut consists of a shaved body, and intact head/mane and legs.  The tail can be shaved like a lion's, or left full and fluffy. 
*Sometimes a lion cut can’t be done due to cat’s age, health or temperament.

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